Reliying Party (RP)

is a service provider who directly contacts with its customers and wants to use eKYC Service of IdP (Identity Provider).

Identity Provider (IdP)

provides identity proofing and issues authenticators to its customers to use when RP requires eKYC Service via NDID Platform.

Authoritative Source (AS)

provides trusted information of customers and can release authorized their own data to RP only after IdP successfully authenticates.


NDID Platform is an ecosystem to connect members to send/recive requests of authentication and information.
Data in Blockchain is timestamp log e.g. time, date, receiver id, sender id, etc. No sensitive data transmitted at all.

Personal information only sends between two parties concerns with PKI OUTSIDE the platform. Therefore, NDID is data privacy and secuirity by design.

NDID Platform is Distributed Ledger (Blockchain - BC).

NDID Platform is not a storage system. Privacy of customers is secure. NDID can not see, access or store any customer's information.